Serving the lost & less fortunate one soul at a time.

Evangelistic Ministries

•There are many ways you can get involved in the Lord’s work.

•Prayer - Pray for those engaged in the great task of spreading the Good News of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

•Financial Support - Support financially any of the specific ministries or projects by designating the funds for the appropriate project or in general through Evangelistic Ministries to be used in areas where financial support is needed.

•Increase Awareness - Build awareness in your local Church or Civic Organization by inviting an Evangelistic Ministries board member to come and share a report of the Lord’s work.  

•Stay Informed - Stay informed of current events in the field through the news posted on Evangelistic Ministries web site (

•Evangelistic Ministries is a tax exempt, religious organization based in Arkansas, USA (All donations are tax-deductible).

•Board of Directors - Evangelistic Ministries is administered by a Board of Directors. All board members work in an honorary capacity and do not take a salary or any other compensation.

•Oversight - Evangelistic Ministries stays abreast of the work of the missionaries and ministries to ensure that gifts are faithfully invested for the Lord's work.

•Political and Lobbying Activities - Evangelistic Ministries is not involved in any political or lobbying activities.

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